The Search Tab

Using the Search tab, you can enter a range of criteria by which you want the system to search for orders from your company's order history, and then view, edit, or cancel orders from your search results.

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The Search tab has two states. When you open the tab, a search criteria screen appears that you use to enter the criteria by which you want the system to search for orders.


When you enter your search criteria and click Search, the Search tab displays a grid that contains a list of orders that match your search criteria.

The grid displays a range of information about each order that matches your defined search criteria, including the order date, service, pick up and delivery location, and price. The search results page also displays the total value of all included orders in the upper right corner of the screen.

If desired, you can open any order to view more detailed information, and edit or cancel any order with a status of Open.

For more information about opening, editing, and cancelling orders refer to Viewing, Editing, and Cancelling Orders

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