Viewing Order Summaries

After you have entered all the information for an order, you can click Quick Order to send the order to your courier company immediately, or you can click Continue to view an order summary screen before sending the order.

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NOTE: If there is an issue with the details of an order (for example, if it is already past the cutoff time for the selected service), then the order summary screen automatically appears when you try to submit the order immediately.

The order summary screen includes the details of the order, a price breakdown for the order, and can include order messages about date changes, additional charges, and other details that affect the status of the order.

NOTE: To see a price breakdown of an order, that option must be enabled in the System Options screen in Courier Complete 3.2.

If any special instructions have been recorded in your Address Book for an address used in the order, the instructions appear in the Comments box and are included with the order by default. However, if the instructions do not apply or if you do not want to include them for other reasons, un-check the check box next to the instructions in the Comments box. If there is not a check mark next to the instructions, they are not included with the order.

If the details of an order have generated any order messages, the messages appear highlighted in red, and indicate how they affect the order.

To submit the order, click Complete. When you click Complete, the order is sent to the courier, and a waybill screen appears.

To cancel the order, click Cancel. When you click Cancel, you are returned to the New Order entry screen, where the details of the order are maintained. 

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