Client Portal Interface

Our online client portal is an easy-to-use web application that you can use to send pickup and delivery orders to your courier company, track the progress of orders in real time, and manage order information.

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Using tabs, fields, lists, and buttons, you can quickly perform any order management task with a few clicks of your mouse.

The Web Component contains 7 tabs, each of which is used to perform specific tasks:

  • New Order - used to enter new orders and to view price quotes
  • Order Tracking - used to track orders in progress
  • Search - used to search for records of orders according to a range of criteria
  • Address book - used to enter and manage information about pickup and delivery addresses
  • Reports - used to view your company's past invoices
  • Admin - used to manage Web Component users, including defining passwords and access rights, and setting Web Component functionality settings for each user
  • Logout - used to log out of the Web Component

To access the different areas of the Web Component, you click the appropriate tab. 

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