The Order Tracking Tab

Using the Order Tracking tab, you can view the up-to-the-minute status of all orders, open orders to view all of their details, and edit and cancel orders that have not been dispatched.

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Last Update 4 months ago

The Order Tracking tab contains a grid that displays all current orders for your company. The grid includes any orders entered by your company's Web Component users and by your courier company that do not have the status of Finalized.

NOTE: You can work with finalized orders on the Search tab.

For more information about the Search tab refer to Searching Your Order History.

The grid displays a range of information about each order, including its up-to-the-minute status. For information about order statuses refer to Understanding Order Statuses.

If desired, you can open any order to view more detailed information, and edit or cancel any order on the Order Tracking tab with a status of Open.

For more information about opening, editing, and cancelling orders refer to Viewing, Editing, and Cancelling Orders.

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